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Management quota                                                 Placements & Career Guidance Cell

        The 50 % of the total seats including seats reversed for SC/ST/SEBC of the Self-financing programmes.   The cell  is to develop  the personality of every student  by imparting  training  in soft skills,
        No Community quota is earmarked in self-financing Programmes. These seats shall be filled by the   communication  skills,  group discussion, interview techniques,  leadership qualities and team
        management from candidates of their choice irrespective of the religion and caste provided they   work. Empower the students to face life confidently and to enable every one of them to leave the
        satisfy the eligibility conditions. Students seeking admission under management quota should submit   campus with a coveted job in a reputed establishment. The Training and Placement Cell imparts
                                                                                       training to students from first year onwards giving emphasis to motivational skills, communication
        Management quota form along with their application.                            skills, interpersonal relationship, leadership qualities and other soft skills, group discussions and
                                    General rules                                      interview techniques. Resource persons and professionals from reputed Management Institutions
                                                                                       along with college faculties train students. The Placement Cell also helps the weak students to
        The applicant shall accompany Parent/Guardian during the interview. The applicant shall produce all   improve their academic performance by counseling. Department of English helps the students
        the relevant documents mentioned below at the time of interview. Once the admission is secured by the   improve their communication skills using the language laboratory. These trainings help students to
                                                                                       develop their overall personality so as to face the interviews confidently, and secure a job.
        candidate, he/she shall get enrolled after paying the full fees prescribed for admission. If the candidate   The cell also sends the students to participate in the combined campus recruitment programmes
        fails to produce the relevant certificates or to remit the fees payable on the date of admission, they   organized by other institutions and professional organizations. The cell also help the students to
        will lose their claim for admission. Non-receipt of intimation card will not be an excuse. In order to   get overseas employment. Students get the services of the registration even after they leave the
                                                                                       campus until they get placed. The Cell makes use of the help of the alumni to get the ‘students
        avoid this , the candidates are advised to verify the details regarding Admission list, the time and date   placed.
        of interview displayed on the College Notice Board. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited .All the
        students and their parents must fill Anti-ragging affidavits at the time of admission. In order to ensure
        safety and security,the students must stay either with their Parents/Guardians or in the college hostels.

        For the Self-financing Programmes, the tuition fees and special fees as per M.G University norms.
        Students of  Self-financing Programmes  should pay  their semester fees  the beginning  of  each
        semester. Fees once paid will not be refunded on any circumstances. A student joining in between
        a semester will have to pay the entire fees for the term. A student leaving a Programme mid-way is
        liable to pay the entire fee for the term. Every student shall pay the whole of fees and special fees at
                                                                                                               Anti Ragging Cell
        the time of admission.                                                          Ragging in any manner is strictly prohibited in and outside the campus. Students indulging in
                                        Uniform                                         ragging will be expelled from the college and strict actions will be taken as per the directions given

        The college has an approved pattern of Uniforrm Dress, which is binding on all students. The cost   by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the University
        of the uniform materials will be collected at the time of admission. Students should keep modesty in
        dressing by keeping away from using indecent dresses. Also they are not allowed to cover their face
        while they are in the campus.

                                    Identity Card
        An Identity tag will be issued to every student. The cost of the ID tag must be borne by the student.
        Students must wear the identity tag in the college campus and shall produce upon the request by a,
        member of the staff (If the ID tag is lost a duplicate may be issued with the special permission of the
        Principal at the student’s expense).
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