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                                                                                                   To pursue truth and knowledge so as to renew the mind, enrich the disciplines
                                                                                                  and transform the culture that grows into understanding and bears fruit in


                                                                                                  > We are committed to provide accessible and affordable quality education to
                                                                                                       all strata of society.
                                                                                                  > To provide creative teaching, disciplined and relevant training and life long
                                                                                                       learning opportunities.
                                                                                                  > Enriching lives and fulfilling dreams by preparing students to pursue and
                                                                                                       achieve most suitable careers.

                                                       Dr. P.A FAZAL GHAFOOR. MD, DM              The Muslim Educational society [Regd.), Calicut
                                                       President, MES Kerala                      The Muslim Educational society, a non - political socio - educational - cultural
                                                                                                  organization of Muslims in Kerala registered under the societies Registration Act
                President’s Message                                                               XXI of 1860 was established in the year 1964 under the able, charismatic and
                MES College Erumely is one of the first self-financing educational institutions established by   dynamic leadership of the late Dr. P.K Abdul Ghafoor.
                                                                                                  Today M.E.S is the largest corporate educational agency of the Muslims in In-
                the Muslim Educational Society, Kerala, with the intention of providing opportunities for higher   dia managing more than 150 educational institutions including Medical college,
                education especially to the students from remote rural areas of Kottayam and Pathanamthitta   Dental college, Engineering colleges, Nursing college, BEd colleges, 23 Arts and-
                districts. Having completed 25 years of its existence, the college has proved itself in its mission   Science colleges, 7 Women’s colleges, C.B.S.E Schools, State syllabus Higher
                and also has achieved laurels in the higher education arena of central Kerala.    Secondary Schools and Industrial Training Centres with more than 60,000 stu-
                Situated in the foothills of Sabarimala, the college has successfully become the alma mater to   dents and 25,000 employees, Hospitals, Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Special
                thousands of students from all over Kerala, from other states as well as abroad. Our students are   Schools for Mentally Challenged, Cultural Complexes and various hostels draw
                well placed across the world in educational and industrial establishments as well as running own   up the broad canvas of services offered and activities undertaken by the Society.
                business concerns, employing the trades learnt by them from this institution. With the advent of   M.E.S College Erumely is the first grade unaided college under Muslim Educa-
                the year 2020 we are poised to transform this institution to the level next, by improving the skill   tional Society, The keynote objective of this institution is to impart job oriented
                sets of our students in consonance with the aspirations of the central and state governments,   Degree courses to the students in the socially and economically backward areas
                thus making them industry ready as they leave the college. M.E.S is also planning to improve the   around Erumely, so as to enable them to cope up with the scientific and techno-
                infrastructural facilities of the institution by adding state of the art courts for various games apart   logical advancement of the contemporary society.
                from improving the existing facilities. We are also planning to improve the quality of the faculty   The college is situated at Propose Junction, by the side of Ernakulam-Pampa
                members by organizing in house as well as external training programs for the academic staff of   highway 5 KM away from Erumely. The serene atmosphere, sylvan surrounding
                the institution. The overall perspective for the year 2020 shall be to bring this institution at par   and nourishing unpolluted air will ever provide quite a conducive environment for
                with the best colleges of the state, if not the best itself.
                                                                                                  learning, The college obtained minority status with effect from September 2012
                                                                                                  and is an ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified Institution under M.E.S.
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